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Akilah S Nosakhere

Benjamin Bascom

Braydee Euliss

jewelry, encaustic painting, monkey thunder, painting, sculpture, first thursday, textile crafts, exhibitions, arts walk

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Caity Placek

Carl Schafer

Carolyn Walker Hitchens

Charlie and Claudia Sursa

Cheryl Crowder

all-ages concerts, outdoor concerts, first thursday, street festivals, free concerts, arts walk, film showing, acting, theater

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Cheryl LeBlanc

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Christine Barber Bush

design, fashion design, textile crafts, jewelry

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Courtney McCauliff

Courtney Thomas

design, orchestra, writing, photography

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Deb Wise

design, first thursday

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Debra Gindhart

first thursday, jewelry, painting, first friday, textile crafts, arts walk

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Denise Mahoney

Dennis Everette

Donald and Sue Whitaker

Douglas L White

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Elaine Fisher

Eliza Sandlin

Erica Markley

first thursday, arts walk, landscape painting, watercolor, acrylic painting

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Erin Moore

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Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company

first thursday, arts walk, exhibitions

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Graham Watson

body suspension, burlesque, sideshow, concerts, knife throwing, pen and ink, circus arts, watercolor, voice acting, street festivals, and 2 more

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Janice Shimizu

Jay D. Allardt

Jeannine Harrold

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Jeff Brackett

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Jennifer Healy Johnson

Jennifer Mearns

Jeremie D. Riggleman

art education, sculpture, design, found object, painting, children's art, ceramics and glass, garden crafts, photography

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Jessica Calderwood

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Jessica Osborn

JM D'Angelo

JoAnna Darda

textile crafts, knitting, drawing, quilting, tie-dye, painting, weaving

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Jon Creek

Joshua Chatwin

gouache, painting, design, oil painting, body art, computer art, watercolor, drawing, landscape painting, photography, and 4 more

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Joshua Coggeshall

Juli K. Thorson

Kallie Sulanke

Kara DuQuette

collage, arts walk, papier-mâché, found object, computer art, first thursday, pop art, decoupage, mixed media, design, and 7 more

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Karen A Fisher

pastels drawing, classes, painting, panel discussion, seminars, printmaking, arts walk

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Kim Gillenwater

Lara Kuykendall

Laurie Lunsford

Lynn Witty

Mary Dollison

Maura Jasper

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Michael Eldon DuQuette

egg tempera, photography, digital arts, drawing, airbrush, first thursday, sculpture, aerosol, gouache, spoken word, and 18 more

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Michael Prater


workshops, glasswork, outdoor concerts, free concerts, all-ages concerts, art education, educational theater

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Misty Cougill

Molly Schaller

Moth Danner

arts walk, jewelry, macramé, printmaking, haiku, spoken word, sculpture, woodworking, flower crafts, zines, and 26 more

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Muncie Ballet Studio

folk dance, tapdance, dance, all-ages concerts, classical music, auditions, theater, contemporary dance, first thursday, children's theater, and 6 more

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Nancy Swickard

Natalie Phillips

first thursday

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Paaige Turner

Rachel Cohn

Rachel Replogle

guitar, piano, spoken word, singing, musical theater, video journalism, acting, drama film, theater

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Rick Zeigler

Robert G LaFrance


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Robert Mehling

Rundell Ernstberger Associates

Samantha Fowler

dance, drawing, photography, painting, writing, computer art, woodwind

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Sarah Allison

Sarah Rivera

Sarah Shaffer

acrylic painting, classes, exhibitions, painting workshops, art education, first thursday

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Sarah Spomer

painting, writing, drawing, printmaking, metalworking, textile crafts, jewelry

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Stefan and Joan Anderson

Suzanne Small


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Tania Said

workshops, arts walk, seminars, panel discussion, art education, classes

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The Marilyn K. Glick Center For Glass

The Steampunk Consortium

arts walk, digital arts, event photography, enamel paint, short stories, acrylic painting, educational theater, nature photography, leatherwork, beadmaking, and 15 more

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Traci Lutton

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Zach Poor

photography, linocut printing, arts walk, typography, printmaking, first thursday, design, drawing

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