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Alyssa Carey

Andy Beane

Audra M. Koontz

Ball State University School of Art

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Be Here Now DIY Music Venue & Craft Brew Bar

afrobeat, indie rock, karaoke, psychedelic rock, improvisational comedy, political rap and hip-hop, pop punk, shoegaze, dance music, screamo, and 49 more

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Betsy Scherschel

Betty Brewer

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Bob Hartley

Braydee Euliss

painting, monkey thunder, textile crafts, first thursday, jewelry, encaustic painting, exhibitions, arts walk, sculpture

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Carl Schafer

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Charlie and Claudia Sursa

Cheryl Crowder

theater, all-ages concerts, first thursday, acting, street festivals, free concerts, film showing, arts walk, outdoor concerts

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China C. Swartz

Cindy Norrick Turner


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Daniel Chamberlin

Dave Franklin

David Nelson

David Owsley Museum of Art

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Deb Wise

design, first thursday

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Dina Byrnes

Douglas L White

Erin Moore

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Graham Watson

sideshow, burlesque, fire breathing, knife throwing, circus arts, body suspension, watercolor, pen and ink

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Heather Jordan

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Huali Fu

Jan McCune

Janice Shimizu

Jeannine Harrold

Jeff Brackett

Jessica Calderwood


JoAnna Darda

knitting, weaving, quilting, painting, drawing, textile crafts, tie-dye

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Jonathan Becker

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Joshua Chatwin

body art, design, photography, computer art, writing, printmaking, painting, drawing

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Judy Benken

Jules Carter

Kari Wissel

Kim Gillenwater

Kimberly Hamilton

Lara Kuykendall

Laura MacLeod Mulligan

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Laurie Lunsford

Lory Lee

Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell

Margie Prim

Mark Perretta

Mark Sawrie

Mary Carter

Maura Jasper

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Melissa Joy Livermore

Michael Prater

Michelle Kinsey


glasswork, outdoor concerts, educational theater, free concerts, art education, all-ages concerts, workshops

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Molly Kathleen Robertson

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Molly Schaller

Moth Danner

Muncie Ballet Studio

contemporary dance, first thursday, ballet, folk dance, theater, educational performance, classical music, arts walk, modern dance, auditions, and 6 more

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Muncie Friends Church: A Quaker Meeting

music education, exhibitions, classes, educational performance, art education, painting workshops

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Nancy Carlson

Nancy Swickard

Natalie Phillips

Paaige Turner

Patricia Nelson

Rachel Buckmaster

exhibitions, workshops, arts walk, first friday, first thursday

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Ralph Dowling

concerts, panel discussion, comedy

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Rick Zeigler

Sarah Lassiter

Sarah Shaffer

first thursday, painting workshops, art education, exhibitions, classes, acrylic painting

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Spencer Davis

Stefan and Joan Anderson

Steve Robert and Tracy Whelan

Studio 165+

Tania Said

Terri Klingensmith-Haines

The Marilyn K. Glick Center For Glass

Tom Schwartz

Travis Doto

Trystin Godfroy

Ty Morton