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About Zach Poor

Zach Poor is a passionate creative with a heart for Muncie. A graphic designer at Intersection—a local full-service advertising agency—he creates works in a variety of mediums. An inquisitive interest in the intersection of digital and analog creative expression informs his work in design, film photography, printmaking, hand lettering, drawing, and more.

Zach has spent his whole life in East Central Indiana, graduating from Ball State University and Shenandoah High School. He loves being active in the local arts scene and advocating for our city, often rounding up a group of friends to experience First Thursday events and sharing Muncie fun facts along the way. He has hosted and exhibited in two ArtsWalk gallery shows: The Mocal Collective (May 2018) featuring emerging Muncie artists and Film Is Not Dead (May 2019) showcasing local film photographers.

In 2019, Zach was selected for his first two juried exhibitions: Roberts Gallery Night at Roberts Camera and Open Space: Art About the Land at Minnetrista and the Anderson Museum of Art. His recent projects include #Analog24, a year-long journey in which he created 24 analog works while 24 years old, and @CityOfType, a collection of interesting found typography from around Muncie.

Follow Zach’s creative work and the highlights of his exciting life on his Instagram.