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About Laurie Lunsford

Laurie started her art career as an art teacher. Later she employed the use of the arts as a healing agent in nursing homes where she was employed as an Interactive Arts Specialist for 10 years. This included visual art, music, drama, and poetry. She retired two years ago, but still teaches art at St. Lawrence School part time. She does interactive arts at the Robert Hunt Warming Center at Main St. and other everyday type places. In the summer - outdoors. Her favorite subject matter is people anywhere, anyplace at any time. She works in acrylics, pastels, and watercolors. She does art to absorb experiences around her and to share the color and joy with others., especially kids in her neighborhood. She is president of her neighborhood association and believes in the importance of community. "Life, being full of conflicts, can be consoled by beauty and color, " Laurie says.