Muncie Arts & Culture

About Brenda Whittaker Duncan

BFA from Ball State University with emphasis in Fibers. Private studio work for most of my adulthood with primary focus on mixed media, secondary focus on photography and painting. I love texture and color but more than that, I love to create work that provides a sense of intrigue and calm. My work is intimate. I want you to rest your eyes on it for a while.

I collaborated with Joseph Ramsey in June of 2015 to complete and donate a public sculpture titled "full circle". The sculpture is located at Community Circle; a pocket park on the corner of Cherry and Main. It is a concrete monolith with a minimalist quality, echoing the shape of the neighboring rooflines with a circular opening at about eye level. The intent was to focus on merging the old with the new and to project the idea of the neighborhood coming full circle as homes are being renovated and pride is returning to this once-beautiful neighborhood. The park is a work in progress as residents continue to plant perennials to attract pollinators.

I am also a lover of African percussion and occasionally do performances with The Shamaniacs, a drum troupe promoting world peace while financially supporting "Water is Basic", an organization devoted to drilling water wells in South Sudan. For more information about The Shamaniacs, contact Steve Robert.