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About Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker has performed throughout Europe, Asia and the United States and has worked as a member of the SunDance Institutes Playwrighter’s Lab, a laboratory founded by Robert Redford to develop new works for theatre and film. He has appeared as an actor in programs with most of the major symphony orchestras in the U.S. and Canada performing in such venues as Lincoln Center. Since 1988, Jonathan has helped in the development of fifteen original plays. He co-founded and was Co-Artistic Director of two theatre companies: Les Senokrates in Luzern, Switzerland and The Brodeur Brothers in Paris, France.

His teaching credits include work as an invited guest artist at 31 institutions in 6 countries. Jonathan taught on the faculty of The National High School Institute at Northwestern University for Eighteen years where he was Associate Director. Jonathan taught in the BFA acting and musical theater program for 11 years where he was an assistant professor of Movement. As a teaching artist he has worked for Disney Theatrical on The Pride Rock Project, an educational outreach program associated with The Lion King and for Bravo, the arts and entertainment cable channel, teaching nationwide workshops in an effort to promote theatre education.

Jonathan has taught occasionally with the International Program in Acting with Masks at Oslo University College in Oslo, Norway and been invited to teach and perform mask at Nanjing University in China.

In addition to acting and teaching, he is the owner/operator of a full service production shop which creates masks for the international theatre community. Educational institutions, professional theatres and individual artists in 48 countries are currently using Jonathan’s masks. You can visit the studio on line at

Jonathan has recently founded The North American Laboratory for the Performing Arts: A Space for change. In the first 2 years NALPA has existed artists developing new musicals and new plays have been housed and provided space to create, an internationally award winning film has been shot on location, new plays have been workshopped in the spaces, new works for dance have been performed, a play featuring up and coming young artists has been produced and workshops involving artists from all over the United States, Canada and the UK have been held. In the same time over 1000 people from the local community and the nation have been invited into the spaces at NALPA in an effort to build a community of change.

Jonathan won the first annual mayors’ arts award as a Muncie Maker.

Jonathan is a graduate of The International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. He has a BA in Theatre from The College of Wooster, an MA in Acting and Directing from The University of Akron and an MFA in Theatre Pedagogy and Fight Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also a recognized advanced actor combatant with The Society of American Fight Directors and has completed the level one professor training in the Margolis Method. His teaching is inspired by the principles of Lecoq, Grotowski, Rodenburg and Alexander.